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Need a quality freelance writer for your blog?

Let’s face it. You can’t do 101 things at once. Yet you need a valuable copy for your blog. So let me help.

I specialize in

Blog Writing– You know that task you hate doing? Well, I love it. Blogging is my biggest thing and I blog on my blog, and on other people’s blogs (with their permission, of course, no worries ) and I will come and blog on your blog too, as long as you are willing to pay me for it  I can turn your blog to your next cash cow.

Web writing- I’m specialized in the form of Web writing that uses a specific rule set to maximize reader attention.

My rates
I charge 0.06$ per word. So a piece with 1000 words will only cost you 60$, and a piece with 2000 words will cost you 120$. Hire me as your freelance writer to produce blog posts or high-converting copies.


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