Three home remedies for Gastritis


Gastritis is one of the most common diseases in the modern world.  So knowing some remedies for this disease is a must for all of us. Gastritis can arise due to various reasons. Inflammation of the stomach walls, erosion of the stomach wall or irritation of stomach lining are the main reasons. It’s one of the most irritating diseases one can get.

Can Gastritis be cured fully?

The disease Gastritis cannot be fully cured once a person gets affected. No matter how much you spend on medicine, it will never heal fully. But by using the following herbal remedies you will be able to get a great deal of relief.

Even though this is true, no medical professional is going to tell you this. Do you know why? It’s just because they know that a patient fully cured is a customer lost. It’s a crazy world out there. So if you are an ordinary Joe like me who are having mild Gastritis, here are 3 remedies you can do at home to cure it without spending a fortune on medical expenses.

I found a great deal of relief by following these remedies for gastritis, so I can personally recommend all the following remedies. I personally know the pain and discomfort that accompanies Gastritis, and it’s why I want to help you with it.

Why is Gastritis so serious?

Gastritis will lead to cancer if it is ignored continuously. So if you are experiencing a gnawing pain, loss of blood with stool, coffee colored stool, seek immediate medical attention before trying these. In the following article, I’m giving you 3 home remedies for Gastritis. The first one is very easy but less effective. The second and third ones are the most effective.

You can either try the second or the third remedies for gastritis based on your personal choice. In addition, I’m also giving you a list of foods to avoid along with some bonus tips, to help you cope up with Gastritis. So without further adieu let’s see the remedies.

1) The water treatment for Gastritis (The easy remedy)

If you have Gastritis, you will experience more abdominal pain each morning, just after waking up. The best healthy way to reduce the pain is to drink a glass of lukewarm water. So after waking up just flush off your mouth and drink a glass of water.

During the first few days, you might feel some discomfort while doing this, but when you get used to drinking water every morning, you will experience lesser abdominal pain. After this step, have your breakfast as soon as possible. Don’t ever keep your stomach empty, especially during the morning hours. Also, I strongly advise you to skip oily foods during breakfast. Try to eat something heavy, something like a plate of rice or green gram.

This remedy alone is not adequate, so if you want to get better results, you will have to combine this with the second or the third points I have mentioned.

2) Sago porridge

Usually, Gastritis is caused due to dryness within your stomach. The main reason behind this problem is damaged mucous neck cells that are incapable of producing adequate amounts of mucus. Lack of mucus reduces the thickness of the barrier preventing the stomach from self-digestion by stomach acid.

When this happens gastric acids come in contact with the stomach wall (Mucosa) and burns the mucus-producing cells further. When mucus-producing cells are burnt, mucus production further decreases and the condition exacerbates. The below remedy will help you to overcome this problem.

Sago porridge is a viscid semi-liquid beverage commonly used in South Asian countries. Drinking it every morning will apply a thin coat of mucus like sticky substance on your stomach wall. Drinking this porridge continuously will help your stomach to reduce the contact between the stomach wall and the gastric acids.

As a result, there will be more time for the stomach cells to repair and heal. When the cells are repaired, mucus production will come back to the normal levels.

Ingredients & Preparation

To prepare sago porridge, heat a clean pot full of boiled and cooled water. While the water is boiling within the pot add the sago pearls to it. Let the mixture boil for at least half an hour. Don’t forget to stir up the mixture every 10 minutes. Also, put in some sugar after the first 10 minutes and let it simmer for another 20 minutes.

You can add more water if needed, but it would be better if you can make it viscid as much as possible. After 30 minutes, turn off the heat and let the sago pearls settle in the pot until it reaches room temperature. If done correctly you should now get a whitish semiliquid inside your pot. Do not add anything else to it. Always drink cooled sago, never drink it while it’s hot.

Once the porridge has cooled down to the room temperature, add it to a glass and drink it. Do not use a bowl and a spoon for drinking, as it will reduce the effectiveness of the remedy. Drink the sago porridge every morning after 5 minutes of drinking the glass of water. Do this at least for a few weeks.

3) Diyabath (Watery Rice)

This is a traditional rice dish from my country Sri Lanka. It gives a lot of health benefits like healing Gastritis, reducing piles (hemorrhoids), etc.


To prepare it you will need cooked red rice, water, red onions, and some fresh coconut milk. Unlike the sago porridge, you will need to prepare the needed soaked rice 12 hours before the hour of use. As you are using it as a remedy for Gastritis do not add chilies at all.


Start by putting the cooked red rice into a clay pot. A small dish full of rice would be adequate. Do not use metal or plastic pots for this step, as it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the remedy.

Next, add about 4 cups of clean lukewarm water. This water will be very significant, and you will be drinking it ultimately. So always remember to use drinkable clean lukewarm water for this process. Also, remember to add water until the rice is fully submerged.

Then close the pot with a lid and let the rice settle for 12 hours. The main reason for letting it settle down within a clay pot for 12 hours is, to soak up the rice in water and to enhance the activity of a favorable bacterial type, which enhances our food digestion.

After that, take it and remove the water to a glass. Transfer the drenched rice into a bowl. Next, add the coconut milk to the bowl with some onion peels, and mix it well. Now add the water that was previously removed to the glass.

Onion peels help to heal stomach ulcers and to boost your immunity. It also increases the level of favorable cholesterol in your body (HDL) Do not grind the rice while preparing. The main idea here is to let the rice stay within your stomach for a longer period of time. Grinding the rice will remove the need for the mechanical digestion within the stomach, and it will reduce the effectiveness of the remedy.

Add a little amount of salt to the mixture according to your taste. After doing all the above transfer the mixture to a bowl or a glass and drink it. Continue the remedy for 5 weeks.

The foods to avoid to keep Gastritis at bay

Now, I’m going to give you a list of foods to avoid to keep Gastritis at bay. The following list will cut you off from 50% of all your favorite foods except for sweets. It is very hard to stick to this diet plan but if you do, you will see more results.

1) Pineapples

2) Chilies, pepper, and spicy foods

3) Fizzy drinks ( Fizzy drinks have carbonic acid and it’s very bad for your stomach health)

4) Tomato and chili sauce or ketchup

5) All milk products (milk releases an acid while it digests which exacerbate Gastritis)

6) All citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and etc

7) Beverages made from citrus fruits

8) All alcoholic beverages

9) Butter, Lard, Ghee

10)All types of fried foods

11) Meat

12) Fast foods & Oily foods

3 Bonus tips to cure Gastritis

1) Don’t skip the breakfast
2) Remember to eat 3 meals per day. (Proper ones, not fast foods)
3) Avoid in taking NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like aspirin and ibuprofen.

So what do you think about it? Do you know about any other similar remedies? feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below. If you want more remedies for Gastritis, stay tuned for my next article.

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